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Chủ đề: Bar Brothers System

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    Bar Brothers System

    Bar Brothers System
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    Consider empathy, if he always said, "your chest no one else's big," "you are no good other people," "you cook no one delicious," presumably you broke up with him back 800, will stay Listen to him blind BB? Man most want to break up a moment. Do not always compare him with others, each one has a unique flash point. Perhaps he is not superfluous, but he will remember every one of your habits; perhaps he is not strong enough, but at a crucial moment with a tenth, to protect your safety.
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    The so-called "Cold War" is actually the most stupid way of communication.You always try to let the other party use the "Cold War" way to make mistakes. Once used, you will get used to the problem of evadement. Anyway, there will be another half to coax it. Obviously the other side take the initiative to call or send a message admitting mistakes, but you can not pretend to see; when the other party no longer bother, how do you think he patience, must be because not enough love, so you start you do not say I do not Said the contest.

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    Man most want to break up a moment. Misunderstandings are generated from the beginning of the Cold War. Misunderstood snowball-like growth, but also because no one wants to explain the result. The contest of the cold war has never won or lost, only the two sides lose. Do not give each other face. Many men are good face. You do not give him pocket money, can not give him face. Because you are late for traffic jams, you shout loudly in public.

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